Herman Veal

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, the sixth child of 11, during what many consider the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, I was always considered the talkative child. You know the type. The sibling that told everything. (No, I wasn't no snitch...I was just trying to be heard above ALL the rest of us). 

The one who raced to the door to tell mom's unwanted visitor "she say she ain't at home". 

Well, I guess my propensity to utilize my vocal cords has catapulted me into this new endeavor-the world of voice-over. 

After much prodding from friends, specifically former teammate Adrian Branch, ESPN basketball analyst and motivational speaker to tens of thousands, I entered this world. 

I can honestly state that I am ecstatic that I did. 

This new exciting endeavor seems to perfectly align with my personal alter ego, Slater Hayes-author of poetry, prose and social commentary. I guess my fourth-grade teacher, Ruby Walker, was really on to something when she expressed to me that "one day you are going to be lawyer, you love to talk." Yes, indeed I love to talk. I did not become an attorney. 

However, voice over allows me to talk and travel along other's journeys while bringing their words, their individual stories to life in order that many others can travel alongside them, alongside us. 

Get on board!! There are fabulous destinations awaiting you. Destinations to which, Veal the Voice Artist, is willing and able to carry you.

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